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We are dedicated to helping tech startups turn their ideas into successful businesses.
Our team of experienced consultants offers a wide range of services to support entrepreneurs at every stage of the startup journey.
Explore our services below to learn more about how StartPlan can support your startup’s growth and success.

What We Do

Our services

Expert guidance and support for your startup journey. 

Executive summary

Summarizing key points of a business plan in a concise document.

Pitch deck

Creating a presentation to pitch a business to potential investors.

Financial Plan

The financial plan that contains all the company's business and financial planning.

Project Toolbox

Contains the basic information and research that we have prepared regarding the product.

Marketing Plan

We will create a marketing plan that is critical to the process of raising capital.

Market Survey

Gather crucial insights, and improve offerings with our focused market survey.

Interface Wireframe

We will carefully design and outline your product's interface.

Mockup Design

One picture is worth a thousand words. This is what we'll do.

Industrial Concept Design

Developed graphic 3D model that clearly and easily illustrates the product.

Business Services

Executive Summary

A document summarizing the entire project. 

The executive summary, or as it’s known in the world of  startups, the ‘OnePager’, which you will be asked to send  to investors before your first meeting. 

The executive summary contains the following information:

Pitch Deck

A Presentation containing a proposal designed for  investors based on proven methods for raising capital. 

The presentation will be delivered in front of potential  investors during the meetings. 

The pitch deck includes:

Financial Plan

The financial plan is developed in an Excel document that contains all the company’s business and financial planning. The document touches on all areas of activity in the company and presents the forecast for the project’s potential.  

You will only be asked to present or send the financial plan to investors after a meeting, if/when they express initial interest.

The financial plan contains:

  • Projected operating expenses
  • Fundraising goals
  • Personnel planning:
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Product development
  • Preliminary pricing model
  • Model and revenue forecast
  • Cash flow

Project Toolbox

The Project Toolbox contains all the data we have  collected and the essential information and research we  have prepared regarding the product. In the Project  Toolbox, we will share our recommendations on how to  best present your venture to a potential investor,  looking at all angles and taking into account various  components, including important tips specific to your  project. 

The Project Toolbox will act as your personal ‘journal’  during the investment process and will contain all the  important information we have researched, examined  and planned.

You will receive the Project Toolbox after the work is  completed. 

The Project Toolbox specifies our recommendations  regarding the content of the investor presentation,  covering the following:  

  • The problem and the solution
  • Competition
  • Market size
  • Milestones
  • Business model
  • Sales and marketing
  • Sales strategy
  • Investment

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is crucial to the process of raising  capital from investors and will help you accurately  present the way in which you will reach the most  important asset of the company you are establishing – your customers. 

The marketing plan includes:

  • Marketing summary
  • What are you selling?
  • Who is the main target audience?
  • What does the target audience need/require?
  • What need does the product answer?
  • How does the person who buys the product feel?
  • What feeling/s is/are important to convey to the customer when selling this type of product?
  • Defining and segmenting the target audience
  • Keyword research
  • Define appropriate touchpoints and media channels for each market segment
  • Planning marketing funnel
  • Recommendations for marketing practices for the pilot program

Targeted Consumers Market Survey

You have a theory backed up by preliminary data, that customers and users will want to use our product and derive value from it. 

The best way to convince people (especially investors)  that the theory will come true and for our product to succeed, is to gather data from the field that directly indicates a real need. 

A comprehensive market survey in which people are asked about the actual need for our product is a game changer when it comes to raising capital.

The targeted market survey includes:

  • Preliminary research and planning
  • Designing and building survey questionnaire
  • Conducting the actual survey on a limited number of respondents
  • Analysis of the survey results and conclusions
  • Positive integration of the results of the survey into the investor presentation.

* The survey will be conducted on non-business end  users

UI/UX Services

Interface Wireframe

In software-based products, such as applications and websites, it is important to carefully design and outline the product interface and the connections between each ‘screen’.  

During the wireframing process, we will plan the journey that the user will experience in using our product, from their very first interaction onwards. We will design and create the main screens of the application or site and we will define the connections between the various screens.

The wireframing process includes:

Interface and Mockup Design

One picture is worth a thousand words. 

The design on your product screens is worth tens of thousands of words. You do not have a lot of time to present your idea to the investor – a well-planned, well-designed illustration will convey your message effectively. 

The design process includes:

Industrial Concept Design

When presenting a venture to an investor, one of the  challenges in the world of physical products is the  illustration of the product. This challenge can become  complex for the investor, as it’s difficult to imagine what  the tangible, end product will actually look like.  However, a 3D graphic model prepared by an industrial engineer illustrates the product clearly, and easily. 

The industrial concept design process includes:

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